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 Would anyone do me a free commision pose?

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Would anyone do me a free commision pose? Empty
PostSubject: Would anyone do me a free commision pose?   Would anyone do me a free commision pose? EmptyMon Nov 10, 2014 3:22 pm

Hello, i'm thistle on chatlands. I have recently been searching for someone who would do free pose commisions rather than having to pay. I know people would rather be payed for the art they do but i'm pretty low on deltas. I would do poses myself but my pen tablet seems to have....Died on me. So i will need to get a new one. If you are able to do me a free commision. Please message me an example of poses you do so i know if you do the type of poses that im looking for. If i see the type of art i like i shall link you to my ref and what type of pose i would like. ~Thistle Cats Paw
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Would anyone do me a free commision pose?
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