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 Pose Fixer-upper FREE

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PostSubject: Pose Fixer-upper FREE   Pose Fixer-upper FREE EmptySun Dec 07, 2014 1:36 pm

Ah Like i said in my Introduction I love to help players with their art. I can either explain how to do it to them or I can do it for them! Here is what i can do and for how much!

Lose Pixels Fix: Deltas 0.00 -- Lose Pixels are usually a ring around your pose that either came from Coloring it or shadeing it or even greyscaling it. Fixing this is hard that is why it is priced as such.

Shadeing: Deltas 0.00 -- All poses require that you have shadeing or some sort of detail. Shadeing is fun and easy I do shadeing for cheap prices and usually ON holidays its free.

Sizing: Deltas 0.00 -- Now Sizing can be pretty Tough I have to admit it took me quite a long time to understand If the pose doesnt meet a certain size requirement it gets denied Making it frustrateing to a user because every time you try to resize a pose it tends to get blurrier every try.

Coloring: Deltas  0.00 -- Just like coloring in a coloring-book all you do is add some pzazz to your pose. I has a program where i layer the image and when i color it does not go out of the lines. Lose pixel Free guaranteed or your deltas back!

Requirements to getting accepted as a pose, All you need is a link from a professional art center Such as DeviantArt that states/proves you are the owner of this pose. In the art description it should say "(Your name) Is the creator and owner of this pose" And whether or not this pose is free to others to use or if you need to pay to use it. If people need to pay to use it be sure to put their names on that pose's description as well so they have proof to use :)

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Pose Fixer-upper FREE
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