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 •ALDERCLAN• (ALWAYS ACCEPTING!) (In need of all ranks![But the high ranks])!

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PostSubject: •ALDERCLAN• (ALWAYS ACCEPTING!) (In need of all ranks![But the high ranks])!   Wed Nov 04, 2015 9:14 pm

Cats Paw ALDERCLAN Cats Paw
 Clan of the Towering Alder Trees

MEDIC: FEATHERWING(Lovingwolfhearts)

Name||Gender||Rank||Age||Will you be loyal?||No drama, right?|| Roleplay example

Roleplay example must be long and detailed, but not so long an detailed it takes you a week to type. A good, acceptable example is:

Pebblestar trudged through the forest, her paw pads sore. The Gathering turned out to be a disaster. She could tell her clan thought so too. She looked at her clanmates frustrated and panicked faces.

Only Leader, deputy and medic may accept cats.

To join, either find the Alderclan room and tell the information above to a high rank directly, or Message Milki the info. Or, you could fill out the information in a comment below.


    No OOC fights. If there is any, contact a high rank. Don't get on the Great Limb. It may sound silly, but it gets frustrating. RESPECT YOUR HIGH RANKS. No Godmodding or Powerplaying. Use realism! Don't have purple fur, or powers. Use natural fur colors please. This is warriors cats, not Lion King or Tarzan. Please use a smaller cat like Maine Coon, Munchkin cat, Japanese bob, Siamese, Fish-cat, or Caracal. (Neko Matas are acceptable, I guess.)

This is just an example. This is the LEAFBARE den. I(Milki) have drawn four versions of camp for each season.

The territory contains:
Meat Mice
Meat Birds
Meat squirrels

Alderclan dangers are:
Fish bones Twolegs
Fish bones Other Clans
Fish bones Badgers
Fish bones Occasional snake
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PostSubject: Re: •ALDERCLAN• (ALWAYS ACCEPTING!) (In need of all ranks![But the high ranks])!   Mon Nov 09, 2015 9:39 pm

Mmm..... I like this Clan

I'll think about joining :3
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•ALDERCLAN• (ALWAYS ACCEPTING!) (In need of all ranks![But the high ranks])!
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