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 Afro Cat (Custom Species) Adopts! {Prices Slashed}

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Afro Cat (Custom Species) Adopts! {Prices Slashed} Empty
PostSubject: Afro Cat (Custom Species) Adopts! {Prices Slashed}   Afro Cat (Custom Species) Adopts! {Prices Slashed} EmptyWed Oct 07, 2015 5:20 am

Hi guys! Trying my hand at some adoptables for auction.

They are paypal only so I'm hoping some people will buy.

If you are interested, please if you can bid on the DA page. If you do not have a deviantART, please comment below which you would like and what your bid is. I will add your bid to deviantART and I will notify you if you've been outbid by someone on DA.

Adoptables are in a spoiler because it's a huge picture.


If you know someone who wants a unique character adopt, direct them to me!

Quote :
General Rules:
1. Don't repost or redistribute.
2. Minimum increase is $1
3. PLEASE BID on the featured comments below!
4. Paypal only please! I want to see how this works <3
5. No holding unless AB, then I will hold for 2 days unless someone else offers the AB
6. If you win, please send your money to . Once it has been processed, I will send you a link to the un-watermarked afro cat on its own sheet, which you are free to upload to your own gallery with credit.
7. PLEASE read the Terms of Service!…

Quote :
1. Witch Bonanza
Traits: QueenCoat/StandardHairstyle/StandardTail/TwoLegWarmers
Accessories: Witch Hat, Mini Cauldron, Broom

Quote :
2. Pumpkin Frolic
Traits: PoodleCoat/LongTail/MohawkHairstyle
Accessories: Pumpkin vines around tail, Jack-O-Lantern Disco Ball, Glowy mouth
SB: $8

Quote :
3. Vampire Prance
Status: OPEN
Traits: PoodleCoat/FourLegwarmers/CloudytailHairstyle/RabbitTail
Accessories: Bloody vampire teeth, Collar, Bat friends
Price: $4 or a drawing of your chosen cat + advertisement for afro cats (show me your style please!)

Quote :
4. Skeleton Jig
Status: Open
Traits: StandardCoat/EarTufts/RabbitTail
Accessories: Glowy pawpads, Bone bow
Price: $5 or a drawing of your chosen cat + advertisement for afro cats (show me your style please!)

I will be running each adopt for about two weeks if they are not getting comments, OR until someone holds a price for 2 days without any increase, OR someone gets the AB.[/quote]

Afro Cat (Custom Species) Adopts! {Prices Slashed} For_fo11
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Afro Cat (Custom Species) Adopts! {Prices Slashed}
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