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 |A few of many spirits that have passed away to a much better place than reality|

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PostSubject: |A few of many spirits that have passed away to a much better place than reality|   Thu Jul 17, 2014 6:58 am

When, I was 6 we had a kitten named PoPo, American Shorthair, Black and White canvas. One day when PoPo, was maybe about 2 months old, He was found on the cement in the backyard with a .22 revolver led cartridge indented in the nape region, around the sternocleidomastoid muscle, or the jugular vein..We were at the library when we came back and saw this, of course I just said, "Kitty, is sleeping, forever...and I put on a cap I got as a souvenir from visiting Yellowstone Park gift shop, just so I could take it off. Then, just a few months ago, We had to put our dog, named Cisco.."down"..mainly because he was living in misery, he had fleas, a hernia, cancer, and several well as dermatitis which made his flea infestation so much more painful for him. We couldn't afford to cure him of his numeral would cost  several thousand dollars. So, We decided the humane thing..would be to put him to sleep..I have only attended one funeral before, inside a church while the congregation was singing like a choir. It was the funeral of my great grandmother. Faye Powers, Whom died 2 weeks before her 101st birthday, of natural causes, I was maybe 7 back then, So..I would run around the church all through the different hallways, and levels of stories. (Most churches have 2..One to adjust lighting, and display lyrics or passages on a pull down display screen, bolted to the wall (or sometimes just a large flat screen TV) and the main floor, where the congregation meets) her dog sally, was buried with her, as remarkably, Sally (Miniature Pinscher) died the very same day, at nearly the very same time, of breast cancer. Thats mainly only 5 of the hundreds of deaths or near deaths (Mini-Stroke, Lesser Heart Attack Etc..) that have happened in a mere 17 years..



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|A few of many spirits that have passed away to a much better place than reality|
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