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 Create a cat Species!

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PostSubject: Create a cat Species!   Create a cat Species! EmptySun Jun 14, 2015 8:14 am

The Cat’s Paw Island Events Committee is glad to announce a contest to find a new species for the Body Shop! That’s right, a species, something completely new and unfamiliar to the land. Where is this species coming from? From YOU of course! We would like you, the CPI community, to get inspired and create a fantastic new type of feline - if chosen, your design will be made into a pose set to be used by other members of the community.

How do I enter?
-Create, from scratch, a brand new type of feline.
-Minimum you must draw a fully colored, full-body reference of your new feline (multiple images are encouraged such as facial close up, eyes, etc. but only a full-body is required).
-Provide some background - get creative with this! Where does your creation live on the Island? What does it eat?
-Send in your entry to Cal, Grin, or Fai through a map message or forum PM by -July 31st. Entries not submitted properly will not be considered.

-Only ONE entry per person. All art used MUST be your OWN art. No stock images are to be used on the new species and it must be drawn (Traditional or Digital is fine).
-Your species MUST adhere to all CPI rules.
-Species must be a fully colored, full-body drawing as well as some background information regarding your species habitat, diet, and traits.
-No entry may be of a copyrighted and/or closed species (i.e. it may NOT be a Nekoi, shrimp cat, etc.).
-If your entry violates any copyright/CPI rule, it will be disqualified and you will be notified as such.
-Entries must be at least 80% feline!
-If chosen, the creator of the species will receive credit for their design and all further rights will be forfeit to Cats Paw Island. It may not be redistributed/used by other sites and will be the sole property of Cats Paw Island.

For this contest, we will be choosing three winners to receive delta prizes, while 1st place will also have their design made into a pose set for all of CPI to enjoy.

1st place: 5.00 deltas and their design made into a set.
2nd place: 3.00 deltas
3rd place: 2.00 deltas

Good luck to everyone and have fun!
-CPI Events Committee

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PostSubject: Re: Create a cat Species!   Create a cat Species! EmptySun Jun 14, 2015 5:39 pm

good luck everyone!


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Create a cat Species!
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