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 Rest in Peace, Leonard Nimoy

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PostSubject: Rest in Peace, Leonard Nimoy   Fri Feb 27, 2015 6:45 pm

I only became a 100% Star Trek fan in the last few years...But I watched all of the original, original episodes with a permanent wish to be on the Enterprise - specifically to hang out with Spock. Spock, to me, regardless of being half-Vulcan, represented the struggles and triumphs of heart-versus-brain better than any other character on the show. He knew how it felt to try and fit in two different worlds. He was a leader, a father figure, and most of all he was a friend.Today, we have lost Leonard Nimoy, whose influence may have been greatest as Spock but continued as a brilliant man in general.

I honestly feel like I've lost a family member. I personally started my whole star-trek thing in high school, and wish I had discovered it earlier. Growing up with questions about who I am and how my emotions would play into my life, Spock was like a beacon..Nimoy was a beacon. He said so many prophetic, amazing things that I could never share them all. Some of the best, though, are these:

"I'm touched by the idea that when we do things that are useful and helpful -- collecting these shards of spirituality -- that we may be helping to bring about a healing." — Leonard Nimoy

"Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end." — Leonard Nimoy

And of course Spock's famous quote, "Live long and Prosper."

Rest in Peace, Mr. Nimoy, you're amazing. One to beam up, Scotty, for the final frontier.

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PostSubject: Re: Rest in Peace, Leonard Nimoy   Fri Feb 27, 2015 7:03 pm

I'm literally so upset. :(
Live long and prosper Leonard.

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Rest in Peace, Leonard Nimoy
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