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 Selling Fursonas over 30+ art pieces each

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PostSubject: Selling Fursonas over 30+ art pieces each    Sat Feb 07, 2015 4:51 am

Original Design(adoptable) is by Sippet on chatlands  

art by sippet

Comes with: - more on the way  

Their name is Peppermint
and I intend to keep it that
way. But it may be changed.
They do not have a official gender
though some people call them both
genders or by /them/they/it. Etc.

Price? $150-200 or best offers.

Gosh, this character of mine is really old.

The original owner of the design (from deviantart) hasn't been active / moved I think

but I bought it for 20$ from love-the-adopts

asking for $55 to $150 ;v;

comes with:

These are my fursonas and they are dear to my heart.
Please take care of them, do not resell/gift/trade and do not
co-own. Please. :)
This is a forever or give back to me character.
If you break my guidelines you will have to pay
a fee of $100, if you can not pay the fee I will ask
for my character back without refund.

I need the funds for something and I'm selling all of my characters so.
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Selling Fursonas over 30+ art pieces each
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