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Main Character Bio.
Name: Ankh

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PostSubject: Ankh   Ankh EmptyThu Dec 11, 2014 9:18 pm

Egyptian symbol for Life

Quote :

What you should know

Name;; Ankh
Age;; 2 years
Gender;; Female
Species;; Serval
Height;; 60cm (at the shoulder)
Weight;; 22lbs
Orientation;; Straight

Quote :

What you see

Markings;; Connecting spots (appears as stripes). Also adorns her face with Egyptian markings.
Eye Color;; Green
Primary Pelt Color;; Golden yellow
Secondary Pelt Color;; Cream
Build;; Average
Scars;; None

Quote :

What's inside

Likes;; Dancing, Turquoise stones, & Anubis (Egyptian god)
Dislikes;; Sandals & Deep silence
Fears;; Great Plagues (Locusts, frogs, etc.)
Personality;; Somewhat selfish and arrogant, Ankh was named Pharaoh at a young age and has received anything her heart desires since birth. Despite her upbringing, she is kind to her people and adores their varying cultures.

Quote :

++The Relations++
What is thought of others

No known family.

Quote :

++The Past++
What has come and gone

History here

Quote :

++The Credits++
What was created by whom

Profile Outline by;; Aveine
Design by;; Fai
Character reference by;; Rhyme/Mooileven

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