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Toby HighResCat_zpsa396ed24

Quote :

What you should know

Name;; Toby McAllen
Age;; 22
Gender;; Male
Species;; Long Haired Domestic Feline
Height;; 5'9" (A), 9" (F)
Weight;; 152 (A), 13 lb (F)
Orientation;; Gay

Quote :

What you see

Markings;; Red skull tattoo on his right hip (shows both feral and anthro).
Eye Color;; Mint green, dark jade green pupils.
Primary Pelt Color;; White
Secondary Pelt Color;; Black
Build;; Medium frame
Scars;; N/A

Quote :

What's inside

Likes;; Music, being around people, rats, calm atmosphere.
Dislikes;; Being alone (extrovert), fights, pollution, fire.
Fears;; Fire (widespread and not contained;; not like a fire place;; wild fires or structure fires), dying alone.
Personality;; If there was an item to describe him, it'd the the wind.
He's such a carefree lad as well as loving, that barely anything ever gets to him.

If he was confronted to a fight (verbal or physical), he'd rather try to talk it out, or flee.
Of course if he needed to, he would fight. He's very lithe and able, but he just prefers peace and solace over malevolence.
A lot of people enjoy him, and being around him. He's the quiet boy with the dopy smile you'd see hanging around a Starbucks, always willing to lend a hand if someone needs it.

A really kind boy at heart, with a personality to match.

Quote :

++The Relations++
What is thought of others

Mother;; Deceased
Father;; Left at a young age
Brothers;; N/A
Sisters;; N/A
Other;; Lover to a feline named Ai

Quote :

++The Past++
What has come and gone

Toby lived a simple life. A loving Mother, a strict Father.
He had the best of both worlds, and he couldn't ask for more.

Troubles arose in the family, and his Father ended up leaving when Toby was 10.
He became the man of the house at an early age as he had to take care of his mother.
His Father had been the main source of money, since his Mother was unable and sickly, leaving her
unable to work.

Being too young to work, Toby often resorted to stealing food from food carts out in town.
Although he'd be caught often, the cart owners would take pity on him and usually let him
take the food home.

Unfortunately, Toby's Mother had passed away on Toby's 15th birthday, due to complications and depression.
Without anything left, Toby took his Mother's favorite scarf, his Father's collar, and set off to the streets.

Life was hard for the young boy as he wasn't the best thief.
What little bread he had, he would often share with other abandoned kittens on the streets,
as he thought they needed it more than he.

Eventually a tiny rat came his way, asking the boy for a small bite of food.
Toby happily obliged and didn't give a second thought about sharing with the asking rat.

"You would rather share your only food with a street rat, than to nourish yourself fully..?"

"Well.. don't you need to eat too? Even if I die, I can at least know you might have a chance
at living. Isn't that what we're supposed to do? Help anyone before yourself, and that
person will be able to live on, even if you can't. Giving strength to another to live on is probably
the most noble thing I can think of.. and I live by that."

Ever since then, the two have been inseparable.

Now 22, Toby spends his days as a drifter, leading him to where he is now.
His Mother's scarf had been worn down to simple strings, which he keeps around his collar ring, and wrists.

Quote :

++The Credits++
What was created by whom

Profile Outline by;; Aveine
Design by;; Deaxmos
Character by;; Deaxmos (now owned by Jager)

Toby Tumblr_nlh1jqvojq1uqby1wo1_500_by_schizophrenicfennec-d8mbjzo
It was all a lie.
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