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Has OCD - Obsessive Cat Disorder
Has OCD - Obsessive Cat Disorder

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Main Character Bio.
Name: Inkling (Inky)

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PostSubject: Kinoko    Kinoko  EmptyThu Dec 11, 2014 12:00 pm

Japanese for mushroom.
Pronounced: Key-no-co

Quote :

What you should know

Name: Kinoko (Last name unknown)
Age: Cat years 6 months - 7 years  | Human 5 - 25 (Depends on when rp takes place)
Gender: Male
Species: Domestic long hair
Weight: Average of weight of a young cat. Human form is about 150 lbs.
Orientation: Prefers women (but he's not entirely straight.)

Quote :

What you see

Markings: Reference sheet.
Build: Slim
Scars: Depends on age. He has scars on his neck and over his eye at an older age.
Other: Kinoko does have an anthro and human form along with his quad form.

Quote :

What's inside

Likes: Creepy and cute things, dark themed clothing, music, rodents, biking, exploring, sleeping, video games and over pg-13 stuff.  
Dislikes: Animal testing, cars, humans, death, sleepless nights, feeling lost and dead ipod. :c
Fears: Losing his only friend, losing track of himself and returning to the animal testing facility.
Personality: Can be kind but also has an attitude. If you're not a close friend I wouldn't put complete trust into him. If you are a friend he's loyal and can be kind of silly although he might say things the may creep you out or make no seance.  

Quote :

++The Relations++
What is thought of others

Family is unknown.

He has one friend named Chyuu. Chyuu is a fat hamster that was there for Kinoko when he first awoken in the animal testing facility.
Unfortunately he doesn't have Chyuu forever...

Quote :

++The Past++
What has come and gone

Kinoko was pretty much taken from birth and spent his first few months of life in an animal testing facility. From these strange tests he acquired a anthro and human form. He was also able to easily speak in human tongue.
Kinoko's first memory was waking up in a small cage neighboring another but tinier cage. Inside was a chubby little hamster named Chyuu. At first Kinoko was scared but Chyuu notice the little kitten and begun to exchange words with him. It was tough for Kinoko to understand the chubby rodent since they didn't speak the same language but all those tiny squeaks and gestures with is paws amused the young cat. After a short while they became friends. They spoke to another about the tests and those terrible humans administrating them, trying to calm another and make it though another day of hell. However one day someone forgot to lock Chyuus cage and as soon as all the humans were gone he evacuated his holding cell and helped Kinoko escape his own.  

Depending on when the rp takes place it will either be after escaping that facility or when he's a teenager without his best buddy. You decide!

Quote :

++The Credits++
What was created by whom

Profile Outline by: Aveine
Design by: Myself
Character by: Myself

Kinoko  My_Cat_by_MaruLovesStamps
Kinoko  Tumblr_mx1xs4a7Te1r4jf9no8_500_zps60d229e0
Lend me your wings, so that I may fly...
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