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 Toxa (WIP)

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Crazy cat lady in the making
Crazy cat lady in the making

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Toxa (WIP) Empty
PostSubject: Toxa (WIP)   Toxa (WIP) EmptyThu Dec 11, 2014 11:07 am


Quote :

What you should know

Based on my Dungeons & Dragons character.
Name;; Toxa
Age;; 3 years.
Gender;; Female
Species;; Siberian/Amur Tiger
Height;; 107 cm
Weight;; 325 lbs

Quote :

What you see

Markings;; Rusty orange and white with thick black stripes
Eye Color;; Green-yellow
Primary Pelt Color;; WIP
Secondary Pelt Color;; WIP
Build;; Sleek, strong

Quote :

What's inside

Likes;; Peace, quiet, nature, healing, pranks
Dislikes;; Battle, insincerity, noisiness, being alone
Fears;; Cages, poaching
Personality;; There are two sides to Toxa. First there is her serious side, which demonstrates logical, honest, calm, observant, and confident behavior. On the other side, Toxa is a bit of a prankster. She has been known to set silly, harmless traps with her younger brother and best friend, Titus, who brought out the cub in her.

Quote :

++The Relations++
What is thought of others

Mother;; Lily (whereabouts unknown)
Father;; Tiain (deceased)
Brothers;; Titus (deceased)
Sisters;; Tara (whereabouts unknown)
Aunt;; Mist (deceased)

Quote :

++The Past++
What has come and gone

Ever since Toxa was a cub she has wanted to emulate her mother's knowledge and wisdom, and also he father's tenacity and strength. Her older sister, Tara, followed closely in their mother's pawprints, becoming skilled in the art of healing. Her younger brother, Titus, instead embodied their father's more relaxed and carefree qualities. Toxa is a mixture of these things. She values peace and loves all creatures, but she isn't afraid to stand up for herself if confronted.

When Toxa and Titus began to strike out on their own, their father was killed in battle. This wounded the two tigers dearly and sapped their emotional strength for quite some time. This was the first truly harsh lesson either feline had faced, but together they explored and become strong. Shortly thereafter, their aunt, whom they'd respected since birth, was felled by poachers. It was another sobering lesson.

However, some time after that, Titus was also struck down in a battle that had threatened both of their lives. Toxa became cold and deadened herself to all emotion. She shut down and for many moons forgot her healing and the love she held for health and life. She forgot how to find joy in the sun and the breeze. Only recently has her broken heart begun to mend itself, but Toxa still sometimes displays numbness, lack of empathy, and irritability.

Quote :

++The Credits++
What was created by whom

Profile Outline by;; Aveine
Design by;; AutumnRain
Character by;; AutumnRain
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Toxa (WIP)
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