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 Delta Trouble..

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Matured Feline
Matured Feline

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Name: Janemba

PostSubject: Delta Trouble..   Sun Jun 15, 2014 2:06 am

So, Its 12:08 AM, I have .03 deltas in my account, i do the Facebook log in, and get .05 more.
I have the lowest sub, at .06 deltas.
So, it lets me log in after i do the FB log in. I sit in a room for a while, sometime around 1am,
i leave the room and it tells me i don't have enough deltas to continue.... Am i missing something???

Help? Deltas 
This also means I wont be able to get on CPI today unless I buy some more.

Cats Paw ~I can be found on chat as Zenki/CommonCourtesy
(previously JanembaDeebo on chat & forums)
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Has OCD - Obsessive Cat Disorder
Has OCD - Obsessive Cat Disorder

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PostSubject: Re: Delta Trouble..   Sun Jun 15, 2014 9:01 am

It was probably just the service charge for the new day. I have no idea what time zone UD has it set to. :c

You could always log onto a free account until you have deltas.


Lend me your wings, so that I may fly...
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Delta Trouble..
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