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 Old Vicious Premades + Retired Poses

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PostSubject: Old Vicious Premades + Retired Poses   Sun Aug 31, 2014 2:32 pm

Deltas go to Vicious.  
Slight modding is allowed. (i.e. hair, accessories, clothes, wings etc. Pose still has to be recognizable as my art.)
These poses are allowed on all chatland chats.
Make sure I know which pose or poses you're buying. You can post here or list the number of the poses in a message.  
You DO NOT need to wait for a reply to me to send deltas.
Not allowed on Worlize. Or anywhere off of the Wunderwood 2D chats. Thank you.
Prices appear below the pose.

My ToS:
My weebly website:
My DeviantArt:

All of the retired poses and permissions can be found on my DeviantArt and through this dA journal:
Permissions have been recorded there!

Permission for all: Iynx, Sage14, Jigsaw, BunnyBoy, Raij, SkylarGame, Alex, Liebe, Gracie, Sleepingwithwolves/Spice, Adal

Permissions: Tinyepicash, Xae, Evaney, Nakara12, Shim, Secrets, Idonna, Ohbby, Jordan, Risika, Taji, Curse, Kalatamora, Unpredictible, ActiveRadio, Gallowscalibrator, Hawkx, Achelois, Hypno, Bubblebuddy, StarSecret , CibleCoon/CoulourfulCible, Emakari, Untamed, Sukii, Kayleen, Lava, OkayAnnie, whiterose2, Pawprint, MossPelt, Ninja-ash, Mockingjay, Derpyhooves,  MoonlightBeauty, ChemunkchemunkAyet, xxcosmicradiationxx, Kastaria, Metallicagirl, Levias, Noxious, FrozenZodiacs, Dollce, Gothwolf, Riverdawn, fin, foxface, MiyakoAkatsuki , Mayday/Sammie, Lakita, Patch, Alexic, Life101/Vitality, CrowFly, icy-shadows, Stellar, Gia, xxdarkxx, Paralyze, JokerGirl, Laila, Camo/Ronto, Proxie, quoth, Seski, AkalaV, xMagnum, AkalaVixen, Dreamcatcher, StreetDance, Insanus, Sp00k/Tradett, Sayomi, ChaoticDreams, KoiFish
Pose is 0.75 deltas.

Permissions: Jordan, Kayleen, Starreh, Donovan, Sunlight
Pose is 0.65 deltas.

Permissions: Nocturnal, Goldenwolfess, A-J, Echelon, Kaliska, EvilPsychoWolfess, KibaNyx
Pose is 0.70 deltas.

Permissions: Unpredictible, Shark, Idonna, Hypno, Bubblebuddy, Emakari, xRavenx, Sukii, Away, Kayleen, Pyti, StarSecret, Pawprint, Ninja-ash, Kalatamora, ChemunkchemunkAyet, Vitality, Bluu, Levias, djfredddy, Gia, Nefertiti, Patch, Reevia, sweetclaw, Vindictive, InsaneTERROR, Dreamcatcher, Clue, Kotax, Laraa, TheDragonRealm, Cal
Pose is 0.75 deltas.

Permissions: Tikaar, Alter/Kasedya(CL)Mollie(MR), Hawkx, Kayleen, Koya, Ford, Alethia, Zaida, Nostalgia, Zodiac, Radke, Monoxide, WitheringWhispers, Blizzy, Kastaria, MiyakoAkatsuki , Kodoku, Khalifa, Mibe, Jaz2728, demonslayer, Pawprint, SpontaneousBeauty, baihumon, CowboyFromHell, Romancer, RockmanEXE, Donovan, AmazingPhilip, Kharress, Dreamcatcher, Echelon, Reevia, MikasaA/Caelum, Matt
Pose is 0.60 deltas.

Permissions: Antagonistic, Emiko, Unpredictible, Hawkx, GoldenWolfess, ILawlz, EvilPsychoWolfess, Halia, xxcosmicradiationxx, Spontaneousbeauty, Levias, neonclaws, Riverdawn, Smudgestar, Foxface, TerminalDistruct, demonslayer, Samsung/Karsava, Skylargame, bluu, sukithewolf, baihumon, SkyStar, Xander, Redd, Echelon, Arf
Pose is 0.35 deltas.

Permissions: Keelo, Hawkx, Idonna, Goldenwolfess, Impulse,  EvilPsychoWolfess, Pyti, Emiko, Zodiac, Avox, Monoxide, xxcosmicradiationxx, long-wolf, ohbby, Rooster, BriBri, Seyenna, Metallicagirl, Levias, Khalifa, Foxface, Riverdawn, Bansheerefugee, Jaz2728, RedStarlight, Disaster, GothWolf, petunia, Samsung/Karsava, Lakita, jokergirl, Life101/Vitality, fatal-repercussion, Gia, sweetclaw, LunaStar, Kelly801, Wishe, xxbloodymiseryxx, Goldie, InSaNiTyx, Paola, Icy-Shadows, AkalaVixen, xero-the-emo, mrsaxobeat, Protectionforlife, Insanus, Zander/CloveStar, Khyber, ScarlettFire, Paz, Sae, Echelon, Chewy, LowShoulder, Cal
Pose is 0.70 deltas.

Permissions: Idonna, Nostalgia, Crash, Emiko, Ninja-Ash, Nekiel, GoldenWolfess, EvilPsychoWolfes, Radke, xxcosmicradiationxx, Twinkie, theoffspring, Reptar, Pawprint, Life101/Vitality, Ackron, Levias, Starreh, AmazingPhilip, oreo12, xero-the-emo, Dreamcatcher
Pose is 0.50 deltas.

Permissions: Galaxy143, Jigsaw, Noxious, Mibe, theoffspring, neonclaws, venge, Skarri, Danosaur, Sayomi, icejaw, AmazingPhilip, eeyore, Slipstream, Kharress, Ackron
Pose is 0.70 deltas.

Permissions: Twinkie, Kodoku, Disaster, venge, Flashfire, Ackron, AnimalGirl, Breathless, Gummyworms
Pose is 0.35 deltas.

Permissions: fin, disaster, TerminalDistruct, Smudgestar, CrowFly, GoldenWolfess, demonslayer, Donovan, Echelon, GreenLep, TheDragonRealm
Pose is 0.75 deltas.

Permissions: Flashfire, Luthvian, Krayven, idonna, Gale, djfredddy, Legionwolf, Darth, Jayy, Anchor, Skarri, xReticentx, Shintaro, Strider, demonslayer, AnimalGirl, badboy1995, CowboyFromHell, Sayomi, Diabolic, Warp, Paralyze, xVague, krypto, BasicCody123, KenjiCoyote, icejaw, Donovan, AmazingPhilip, Amosis, Pergamum, Skylargame/EmmettRahkell, Okumura, oreo12, SilentDusk, Frezzi, Pabu/Pabuu, Moniscar, Sodypop, Vindictive, Drekez/EmmettRahkell, Sae, Legion, SleepingWithWolves, NeverHoodian, Blizzy, Echelon, midnightfang, ChaoticDreams, xAaronx, Matt, DarksoundsArtist
Pose is 0.75 deltas.

Permissions: SpontaneousBeauty, eeyore
Pose is 0.50 deltas.

Permissions: demonslayer, smudgestar, GoldenWolfess, Donovan, xero-the-emo, Echelon, GreenLep
Pose is 0.75 deltas.

Permissions: xVague, Dom, DeathNote, Skylargame/EmmettRahkell, MikasaA/Caelum, oreo12, shadowdahero, Friend, Moniscar, Drekez/EmmettRahkell, Chewy, Rev, KoiFish
Pose is 0.25 deltas.  

Permissions: Zander/CloveStar, SammieSyrup, CapnDoodle, KoiFish
Pose is 0.10 deltas.

Permissions: SwsLover, Okumura, Brodii, Orchid, Odie, crazygamzee, Reddi, grunge, PondofAngels, KoiFish, Matt
Pose is 0.75 deltas.

Permissions: Malokai, Phantasma/Nervati, Gia, Jojo, Orchid, Friend, InsaneTERROR, Luci, Dreamcatcher, Clue, crazygamzee, KoiFish, Tashi
Pose is 0.60 deltas.

Permissions: Phantasma/Nervati, Amerfere, Orchid, Disguise, Ademi, Luci, Arri, Clue, crazygamzee, Legion, Reddi, Kabade, Silk, Redd, Tashi
Pose is 0.60 deltas.

Permissions: Odie, Hollis/Boho, FullMoons
Pose is 0.30 deltas.

Permissions: TheFunnybunny, AkalaVixen, Gia, Moniscar, InSaNi, Insanus, Orchid, Kharress, InsaneTERROR, FitForAnAutopsy, MikasaA, Sae, Odie, LightWing, Legion, Fictatious, Quoth, Reddi, Bun/Pierre, Echelon, SpontaneousBeauty
Pose is 0.80 deltas.

Permissions: Ozera, Orchid, Phantasma/Nervati, Linnea/Kuronuma, Dreamcatcher, Odie, PondofAngels, Batman/Thor
Pose is 0.50 deltas.

Permissions: Meilin, BloodyMess, Echelon, Chewy, FitForAnAutopsy, Arf, MikasaA/Caelum, Matt, Grizz
Pose is 0.60 deltas.

Permissions: Meilin, Reddi, akalavixen, Supernovaa, Gia, Gothwolf, Echelon, TheFunnybunny, Laraa, Jester, TheDragonRealm, Nanami, Cal, SpontaneousBeauty
Pose is 0.60 deltas.

Permissions: Reddi, Echelon, Mikasaa, Nanami, Versace
Pose is 0.75 deltas.

Permissions: Maurice/Leonhardt, TheFunnybunny, MikasaA/Caelum
Pose is 0.55 deltas.

Aye Sir!
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Old Vicious Premades + Retired Poses
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