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 Drawing exercise - Give me ideas!

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Has OCD - Obsessive Cat Disorder

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Drawing exercise - Give me ideas! Empty
PostSubject: Drawing exercise - Give me ideas!   Drawing exercise - Give me ideas! EmptyFri Aug 29, 2014 9:38 am

Basically I'll be drawing requests but they will not be of your characters. It's more like a fan art request.
If you wish to use/save the fan art be my gust! Just give me credit. nwn

They maybe just sketches or colored sketch. If I really like it I might complete it.

Just remember it's just an exercise for fun! I'd really like to practice some things.
Please give me a reference of who/what you'd like me to draw and a basic idea. Please do not be mad at me if it's not like said character. I might now know what/who they are. :'c

Also, if I really do not wish to draw your suggestion please don't take it personally but I will try most of these. =3

(Also posted on dA)

Drawing exercise - Give me ideas! My_Cat_by_MaruLovesStamps
Drawing exercise - Give me ideas! Tumblr_mx1xs4a7Te1r4jf9no8_500_zps60d229e0
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Drawing exercise - Give me ideas!
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